Markus Humm, Partner

«One of my favourite tasks is to discuss the annual financial statements with clients: we analyse the key success drivers, distinguish the important from the insignificant, and develop a clear and reliable future strategy together. While doing so, I have often recognised that challenging times often present the greatest chances of success.»

  • Chartered Expert in Financial and Managerial Accounting and Reporting Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education
  • Certified Fiduciary, Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education

«Effective and reliable cooperation – that’s what we strive for.”


Sinan Kurtaran, Fiduciary

«During my further education, I learned to always develop the best possible solution for the client. I focus on direct and open communication with the client.

From planning to implementation, you have a reliable contact partner at your side for all the important steps in your business planning – for a promising future.»

  • Certified Fiduciary, Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education

«Quality, reliability, and trust are the cornerstones of our work, and the foundation of our corporate culture.»


Laura Humm, Fiduciary

«What I particularly enjoy about my job is that I can accompany clients on their entrepreneurial journey. By having an external perspective, I can support my clients in an impartial manner. I am also happy to be your sparring partner, to find clarity through thought-provoking discussions.»

  • Certified Fiduciary, Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education

«I am at your disposal – fair, proficient, and foresighted


Sonya Emmenegger, Fiduciary

«Meeting your requirements, goals, and wishes is my job. I am happy to support you in mastering current challenges and implementing them administratively.»

  • Chartered Specialist in Accounting and Financial Management Federal Diploma of Higher Education
  • Specialist in HR with Federal Diploma of Higher Education


Florina Tonazzi, Authorised Officer

«I, as a mover behind the scenes, use a range of specialist knowledge and years of professional experience to ensure that various client requests are carried out efficiently and effectively. It is important to me to have a good, personal connection to the client and their employees – be it in accounting, HR administration, or tax administration.»